!! This game is still Alpha version !!
The developer of this game doesn’t have any responsibility caused by playing this game. Some of the data a user typed will be stored in Firebase Database, but it will be used in this game only, and it won’t be exposed 3rd party company. (But please don’t use your real name!)

Title Image

Although it’s difficult to invite my classmates to come to my home, I want to hang out with them on my birthday! What about online game?!

But there is no game that we can all play together…

The “Party Online” was created with the goal of making it possible to join a party from any device as long as the browser is running. (Install not required!)

[ Let me play the game now! ]



  • How can I invite my friends?

    1. The first user, please go to the “New Room”.
    New Room

    2. Then, you will see the free invitation ticket on the screen top left corner. Please share this number with friends.

    3. Other players, please go to the “Invited”.

    4. Type the invitation code you got.

  • Any keyboard shortcuts? (Desktop)
    Arrow key: Move
    Space Key: Jump
    Z Key: Attack
    X Key: Dash
    C Key: Swap weapon
  • It doesn’t work with my browser!

    Sorry I’m looking for the way to fix it…

    At least, iPhone Safari is tested.
    – Please hold the phone horizontally.
    – Turn Off the “Show Tab Bar”.
    Safari Tab Setting

    -Google Chrome may has an issue for screen layout.

    -In-App browser such as Facebook in-app browser may not work correctly.