About this website

www.rainbowmimizu.com conducts statistical surveys of access through WordPress / Jetpack, but it does not identify customers and analyze usage situation. It also does not provide statistical information externally.
We do not use e-mail address for inquiries for marketing etc.

About iPhone / Android application

Applications/Games of RainbowMimizu has collected device information, like IP address and device identifiers, as well as events completed or actions taken within the game, including level, number of credits, time it took you to earn them, metadata about in-game communications and the value and details of purchases to improve quality of our product, but do not specifically identify you or your device. Your name, physical address, telephone number and email address will never be collected. We will use all collected data only for improving our product but never use them for marketing purpose. We will never disclose these data to third parties.
The report system is using Unity Analytics and Fabric Crashlytics. See their website for further information about actual data collected from your device.

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About copyright

We do not abandon copyrights on images used in iPhone / Android application, or information posted on this site.